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The following is just some of the feedback Jill McIntosh has received from her clients and colleagues over the years:


You did such a great job Jill.  I am so happy.  What would I have done without you.

Client at Court following hearing September 2016 (Gunnedah circuit)


Thank you Jill for all you've done for me.  I still can't believe after seven years of family law hell it's now over and with a good result.  You are the bomb.  It's time for me and my beautiful wife to start living again.  Once again.  Thank you!

Facebook post February 2015


Thank you for everything.  Particularly the beautifull[sic]/brilliant Jill saved the day and negotiated a good settlement.

Email from client to instructing solicitor February 2015


Jill, I am so grateful for everything you did for me.  I am safely in my new home now and I am excited and happy.  It wouldn't have happened without you.

Client by telephone after settling matter August 2014


Thank you so much for everything you have done.  Thanks so much for your support and wisdom.

Email from client 10 January 2014 (mother of child on serious criminal charges)


I feel so safe with you.  You are a wonderful person.

Comment from client outside of court November 2013


I am speechless with happiness.  I can’t believe what you achieved.  I’m breaking open the champagne tonight.  Thank you so much.

Client comment on the telephone after receiving Judgment in November 2013


Thank you again for helping me this week you did an amazing job against a formidable opponent without the resources of an instructing solicitor.

Email from client 16 November 2012 (end of hearing and now waiting for Judgment)


You turned nothing into something.  I can’t believe it was possible.

Client’s comments outside the court, matter part-heard from October 2013


Ms McIntosh has received many words of thanks from clients and solicitors from 2011 to 2012 ...


You were sent to me!  I was so lucky to have you.  Just so lucky!

Words of client at Family Court hearing on 14 September 2011

I know [name of solicitor] briefs you all the time in Family Law.  I just got a matter opposite him.  I know he will brief you.  Are you in it yet? (Answer: not yet)  Consider yourself briefed by me first.

Opponent solicitor at Family Court hearing on 14 September 2011


The time has flown since the June hearing. I meant to drop you a line in the meantime. I was so happy with the way you handled everything. You were fantastic! Thankyou! I\\\\\\\'m really looking forward to the conclusion, and putting all this behind me.

Email from client 28 August 2011 (waiting for Judgment)


You have all our family law work.

Comment by solicitor in telephone conference July 2011


You finished him off in cross-examination!  I couldn\\\\\\\'t believe what I was reading.  It was brilliant.  Just brilliant

Comment by solicitor after reading transcript of hearing July 2011


I have a basic understanding of what happened in Court on 3 March and I am grateful for your protection on that day and as a Professional Firefighter with over 20 years experience in dealing with chaotic situations I feel I am qualified to say that you maintained great composure given your late [entry into the matter] and limited preparation within a fluid and somewhat hostile situation.

Email from client 10 March 2011


Jill, the client is so happy with you.  Well done.

Solicitor in text message after Court February 2011


Dear Jill, GREAT JOB.  Thanks & very well done.  Kind Regards...

Handwritten words written by solicitor on remittance slip 20 October 2010


Words can\\\\\\\'t describe how happy I am.  I want to hug you!

Client outside court, Friday, 1 October 2010


I haven\\\\\\\'t briefed you before but I was very pleased with your performance.

Solicitor comment outside court


Jill, I talked to many barristers before taking you onboard.  I\\\\\\\'m so so glad I chose you.  You really understood my case, not just for me, but for my family and because of you I can start my new life from right now.\\\\\\\'

Client stated after orders made at court on Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Thank you, thank you.  My daughter and I are so happy.

Client statment after court and Judgment delivered orally after hearing, Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Dear Ms McIntosh, Congratulations!

Email from solicitor after receiving Judgment in parenting matter, Friday, 27 August 2010


I got everything I asked for. Thank you, Jill. You are a brilliant barrister and worth every cent...’

Client wrote on Facebook page, Thursday, 1 July 2010


That was amazing work, Jill. I can’t believe how you turned everything around!’

Client referring to cross-examination of opponent – June 2010


Family law is all over now. Thank God and thank Jill (my barrister)”

Client wrote on my Facebook Wall on 21 May 2010


‘Paul came and told me that he thought you were exceptional. I’ve never had a client tell me their barrister is exceptional before.’

Comment by solicitor during court proceedings – 21 May 2010


‘I’ve briefed you before and am happy to brief you again. Your work is excellent.’

Remark by solicitor before briefing Ms McIntosh for a hearing in May 2010


‘Jill, I don’t know what I would do without you.’

Conversation with Jill B on telephone


‘Thank you for making that so much clearer for me. I didn’t really understand it but you made it all make so much sense. I am so grateful’

Conference with client re family property matter – Parramatta


‘Your help has been wonderful. I don’t know what we would have done if you hadn’t been there for us.’

Telephone conference with Victorian solicitor


‘Jill, you are meticulous with your work and that is very impressive. My clients have full confidence in you.’

Solicitor briefing McIntosh Chambers for nearly four years


‘I’m so glad this is finally over. You have made the journey so much easier.’

Comment by client in Family Court, Sydney


‘This legal journey has been heartbreaking but you have made it so much easier. Thank you.’

Telephone conversation after court with client.


‘Thank you so much for everything you have done. WE can move on now thanks to you.’

Mother of child outside children’s court, Parramatta


‘I thought I was gone but the Judge seemed to understand what you were saying and now everything is ok. Thank you.’

December 2008 – Defendant in criminal sentencing matter, Penrith Local Court


‘I don’t know how my family and I can thank you for what you have done for us. We are indebted and truly grateful for everything you have done.’

The mother of the client in a Family Court children’s matter at the Family Court, Parramatta


‘Without your help, we couldn’t have got out of the mess we were in. Thank you.’

Telephone conversation with direct access client.


‘I only want you to represent me, no one else. I couldn’t do this without you.’

Comment by client outside WorkCover interview


‘you are my good luck charm!’

Comment by client outside court – Parramatta


‘Thank you. Without you, I wouldn’t know who to trust.’

Conversation with Helen C in the Court – Sydney


‘You and [solicitor] have been amazing. You are both on my list of people I recommend to others.’

Email from client


‘Hi Jill, I never got around to properly thank you for your effort in the matter of .. It is very much appreciated .. another job well done girl!’

Email from instructing solicitor


‘thank you very much for your time and the outcome reached this morning. During this process I have been extremely impressed by your professionalism and attitude. I realise you are busy and whilst this may have been a minor matter, we did appreciate you taking this on.’

Email from Sony (corporate) for direct access brief.


‘Dear Jill, Great job on the [name] matter yesterday. Hope the good run continues. I have a new matter for you.’

Email received from Solicitor, Chris of Wentworthville


‘Thank you for everything Jill. The solicitor told me you were good but you went beyond my expectation.’

Conversation with client, Mr H, outside court in Parramatta.


‘Jill you have all my work. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my legal problems.’

Conversation with client, Scott K – Vaucluse


‘Thank you again for everything you have done we really appreciate the time and effort that you and Mark put into it we cannot find words to express our gratitude to you both thank you. Kindest regards Tracey & Chris M

Email received from client to Solicitor and myself – Tamworth


‘thank you so much, Jill for all your help. I can’t believe it’s all over now. Words can’t express the relief I feel. You have been amazing.’

Conversation with client, Mr R, outside court in Liverpool


‘Jill I appreciate your diligence and ability to think with a great deal of precision and focus a rare talent. Combined with your extensive practical experience in so many disasters, this is not a criticism; you have developed the skills to handle just about anything with a great deal of expertise and relevance. I feel far less stressed knowing that you have that empathy and intelligence that gives you great insight into the many complexities that operate in any situation especially a legal confrontational situation and this will provide an excellent basis to become an outstanding Barrister.’

Email received from client, Helen – Castle Hill


Jill, I am writing for two reasons: firstly, to thank you for your recent effort with my property settlement proceedings and to say that, with the information available to me at this time, I am pleased with the result. From my understanding of our conversations the result is better than you had envisaged. Again, my thanks to you for your effort and support ... Again, my thanks for the achieved result that you brought about.’

Email received from client, Craig – Liverpool





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